Teal Drones
  • Collateral/Brand Dev
  • App Interfaces
  • Apparel
  • Product Trailer

The Art of Flight

How do you steal some of the drone market from DJI? You develop a drone that is more stable, easier to fly, and super fast. Welcome, Teal.

I had the amazing opportunity to work with this startup. As both a hardware and software company, I worked hand-in-hand with the hardware team to make sure that our software look and feel was in line with the product’s actual function. Cross-team collaboration and communication was key as was usability testing, iterating, and polishing.

Coming in at such an early time, I had the chance to help develop the brand and express it in new ways through apparel, print, product videos, and app interface design.

Check out the product here.

Brand Colors

Color is an integral part of the Teal brand expression. It allows for both consistency  (always) and variety (when wanted). A part of flying and learning spans a wide gamut of emotions and we wanted the brand to be able to show that spectrum using color.

Joy of Flying - Teal Drones

Product Trailer

The experience of flight is a key factor in owning a drone. Skeptical customers that tried the Teal One then understood what the draw was. We wanted to connect that flight experience to our video through adventurous visuals. I helped art direct this promo and illustrated the animations found throughout the trailer.